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Letter from the Management

Deciding to work on building knowledge and enrooting then developing it in the Arab world has not been a mere investment decision. Rather, it is the message we seek to deliver because of our belief in the necessity to achieve a change for the better in a professional and sound way.

The Arab world is full of young talents, highly ambitious to build a promising future. They exert themselves to be prepared for realizing their ambitions. However, they are faced with a reality full of endless problems. Some of them may find themselves involved in such problems that they finally give up and have their ambitions frustrated. From here, unsuccessful experiences spread and the road to making their dreams come true seems longer, if they still have some dreams not shattered by the painful reality.

Building and enrooting sound knowledge until it becomes a common inheritance, a base from which all work begins, and a standard of distinction among people is the only way to having a better future; a better future for our children that would erase many of the still surviving sense of disappointment and frustrating obstacles; a better future from which they could confidently enter the spacious world that welcomes their achievements as it welcomes others’ achievements and cordially receives anyone who participates in brining benefit and happiness to humanity.

It is high time that we restore to this land its cultural achievements, as it has always been a fertile ground for the greatest culture in the world and a sun that climbs over the horizon. We hope this would be soon, and Allah is Able to do all things!

Board of Directors